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Underfloor Heating

The Underfloor Heating Guide

The core in the case of PERT/Al/PERT pipes is aluminium pipe with a thickness of 0.2 mm ultrasonic-
welded lengthwise, “with overlap”, which can withstand pressures of approximately 10 bar.



The manifold includes:ss+(2016-07-13+at+12.53.22)

  • Full bore colour coded isolation valves to allow the manifold to be isolated from the remainder of the heating system.
  • Fill / drain points to allow the pipework to be filled ordrained with ease.
  • Manual air vents to allow easy bleeding of the air in the system when first filling the pipework.
  • Each port on the return bar is equipped with an integral control valve and protection cap which allows the user to adjust the volume of water, or can be removed to accept a thermoelectric type head.
  • Each Manifold will need 2 x Euroconus adaptors per port (available from stock)


ss+(2016-07-13+at+12.54.02)A modular control pack for underfloor heating systems. Designed to be lightweight and compact in order to connect directly onto pipework without the need for extra brackets or support.

The control pack consists of a mixing valve, circulating pump, isolating valves, flow and return connections and fixing kit.

2 Port Manifold
3 Port Manifold
4 Port Manifold 5 Port Manifold
6 Port Manifold 7 Port Manifold
Single Room Manifold

Allow easy installation when securing the pipe to insulation.

Staples 60mm For use with clip gun ONLY

The grip rail is 1m long and allows fixings in 50mm increments. Combined with the use of staples into insulation they allow a uniform installation and make final Underfloor Heating Pipework installation much easier to undertake.

They have a self-adhesive backing and are made from polypropylene. Additional support, if required, can be provided by use of manual staples through fixing points along the rail.

65mm Pipe Clips (200)
Plastic Pipe Clips (300) for Tacker Tool 60mm Staple
1m Grip Rail (20)

The Grundfos Pump is ‘A’ rated to comply with the recent requirements of the Energy Using Products Directive (EuP) to minimise energy use and environmental impact.

230V Electrothermix Actuator 2 wire – LED Illuminated
Thermomix Control Pack & Pump

Standard Under Floor Heating quotes are available over the Trade counter & via Email.

If you would like a more in depth quote (including a drawing), please feel free to bring your plans into the branch where we can get them sent away for a more specific design including drawings.

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